Gianluca D'Alessandro


AIR DRONE SERVICE was one of the first rental societies that thought of multirotor drones as a privileged platform for low- and very-low-altitude aerial shots in the field of television. 

Films, documentaries, music videos and so on, were soon complemented by other activities such as territorial control, support to agriculture and all those fields in which the multirotor drone shows its fundamental usefulness. 

The AIR DRONE SERVICE drones flew over the architectural beauties of places and art heritage cities, as well as on the sets of lots of television shows. 

Thanks to their versatility, the very low cost of ownership, ease of use, zero pollution and minimally invasive acoustics, the drones have come into the limelight of public opinion in recent years, becoming a real phenomenon, so as to request a regulation by ENAC, the Government agency responsible for anything that flies, including those who have become, in the official nomenclature, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Thanks to its staff completely made by aviation professional specialized both in flight operations and ground handling, AIR DRONE SERVICE strictly followed the legislation by opening a society of rental drones, which are driven by pilots recognized by ENAC.

Therefore, AIR DRONE SERVICE collects the technological challenge launched by the growing demands to bring in the air several sensors, from simple cameras to night vision devices, thermal systems, spectrometers and environmental sensors in a simple, safe and economical way.

Gianluca D’Alessandro
Flight pilot for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)